Crystals are not only a source of income, a gift for a loved one or an ornament, but also an idea of Nature, a tool for health, a symbol of perfection or a teacher on the path of consciousness. The mineral kingdom benefits every human being, satisfying his need in the way that best matches his personality.

Its use is not a fashion, but it goes far beyond what we can imagine.

The oldest sciences and legends that mention crystals for multiple uses, take us back to the disappeared continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Some theories suggest that the beings that lived in Atlantis used crystals to channel and apply the cosmic forces. The power of the crystals must have served in physical and practical applications. It is thought that the destruction of this continent has its origin in part in the wrong and selfish use of this power.

The survivors of Atlantis resumed a new life, perpetuating the knowledge of crystals in Egypt, South America and Tibet.

In Exodus, the Bible mentions a breastplate of twelve precious stones, combined in four rows, worn by Aaron, endowing him with divine powers. Although we do not know which stones made up the breastplate, the Bible attributes its conception to God, emphasizing his extraordinary spiritual powers.

Also in the Bible we find that parts of God's glorious heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, will be built with glass. Revelation 21:11 and 18-20 says: “…having the glory of God. And its brilliance was similar to that of a most precious stone, like a Jasper, clear as crystal. The material of his wall was Jasper; but the city was of pure gold, similar to clean glass; and the foundations of the city wall were adorned with all precious stones. The first foundation was Jasper; the second Sapphire; the third Agate; the fourth Emerald; the fifth Onyx; the Sixth Carnelian; the seventh Chrysolite; the eighth Beryl; the ninth Topaz; the tenth Chrysoprase; the eleventh Hyacinth; the twelfth Amethyst.”

The kings of India had the best gems to protect themselves from suffering. Already in the V century BC, astrologers recommended that people suffering from some disease wear certain stones to counteract the negative effect of the planets.

The medical practices of many ancient cultures included wearing talismans and amulets around the neck. The stones were carefully selected to provide the desired healing. The Romans believed in the positive influence of crystals and stones. The first Greek and Roman writings indicate that the stones participated in the configuration of talismans, guaranteeing health and protection, as well as attracting virtues.

Gems and stones have always been associated with royal blood, wearing them in jewels and crowns. When a member of the royal family fell ill, he had to rest under stones and gems.

When the tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun was discovered, the entire world was amazed at such an extraordinary collection of stones and gems.

The Mayans and Indians of America used crystals to diagnose and treat diseases. The elders used large crystals of Clear Quartz to "see in the crystal" images and future events. Some Indian tribes in Mexico believed that if one led a good life, after death the soul would dwell in a crystal.

Today crystals are used to emit and increase the power of certain energies according to various methods. Ruby is used in laser microscopic surgery. Quartz is used in ultrasonic devices, watches and computer memories. It also serves as oscillator to control the radio-frequencies of electronic devices; as capacitors to modify the energetic capacity in circuits and store energy; as conductor to transmit power from one system to another and many other uses.

Crystals and stones are part of a planetary transformation in which we all participate. It is up to us how we use their energies and power.

a pile of different colored rocks and crystals
a pile of different colored rocks and crystals