Crystals reflect back to us the truth we hold in our hearts.”

Crystal Treasures

Crystals! Nature's Helping Hands and Mother Earth's DNA

Let's face it...Now more than ever we need to feel grounded, centered and calm in order to endure the turbulent times we all are experiencing. And crystals, with their energy, vibration and special properties bring harmony, balance, stability and self awareness into our lives.

We, as part of Nature, are truly complete when we are in contact with Mother Earth. She is our comforter, our provider, and our healer.

Crystals and stones are the DNA of the Earth. They were formed when our Planet was created and have extremely high vibrations.

They soothe our minds, bodies and souls. That is why so many people are turning to these miracle performers.

Crystals and gemstones are Nature's helping hands. Each one exudes a specific energy. They can assist us in any area of our lives. And the best part is that they work even if we don't believe in them! They work with our energy center to heal and transform our lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

They are source of Nature energy and contain remarkable ability to transform, absorb, amplify and transmit.

Each crystal has unique properties that change our energy field in different ways. So, whether you are interested in spiritual self-development, protection, health or general well-being, there are multiple crystals that align to this energy and we can feel the shift in our energy centers almost instantaneously.

Benefits of Crystals and Stones

The benefits of crystals and stones to improve our quality of life are so vast that it is almost impossible to summarize them, although the most important thing is to know that crystals, minerals, stones, gems, accompany us and enhance what we already are and have. The idea is not to wait for something to come from outside to save us, to protect us: It is to know that we already have all that we need and with the crystals we will be able to enhance it, remember it, awaken it from consciousness, knowing that crystals are always with us for our highest good.

Sometimes, things do not turn out as we expect or as we want, and this is because the Universe sends us what we need at certain time of our lives, and in the long run we realize that there was a lesson to learn to continue advancing with more momentum in this human experience.

Crystals encourage us to trust that we are transiting the frequency where we are light and everything is perfect. Are they magical? Perhaps. But magic is ours as well and crystals help us to receive the energy available from the Universe that we all deserve. We must learn to believe, to let go of control and dissolve the old limiting believes we carry from generations.

So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try! You will be amazed!

Crystals vibrate and amplify the energies with which it is in contact. They pass through many different hands and places before reaching you, thus they absorb knowledge, experiences and situations. Therefore, it is good to make it yours energetically with some cleansing techniques.

*Submerge them in sea salt water (3 teaspoon of sea salt in 8 oz. water) for about 30 minutes. Sea salt water eliminates any negative energy attached to them.

* Expose them to the Sun light for a few hours. The cleansing energies of the Sun would do the work.

* Selenite is a stone that cleanses all other stones. Just put your stones on or close to Selenite and it would cleanse them and infuse them with high vibrational energies.

* If you like to burn Sage, this is a good way to cleanse them.

* One of my favorite methods is to expose them to sound, like turning folks, singing bowls, solfeggio frequencies and even you can sing to them if you wish so. They love to interact with us!

Cleansing your Crystals

Programming your Crystal

If you want your crystals to work for specific purposes, you need to program them and ask to manifest your intention into your reality.

To do so, hold the crystal and place it on your heart chakra. Say your intention or wish 3 times, as number 3 represents action.

Feel the energy filling your heart and surrounding you like a protective and loving shield.

Feel gratitude.

Now get ready for the surprises the Universe will unfold unto you!

Why a crystal or piece of jewelry breaks?

A crystal breaks when is overwhelmed with unsettled energies. It means that the crystal removed and dissolved the negativity that could harm you.

In such a case, just take the beads or crystal and return them to Nature (buried, left under a tree, or dumped into a river, lake or ocean) and express gratitude for all its blessings.

Combining crystals

If we combine crystals that apparently are incompatible, there is no reason to worry because they would not harm us. The most that can happen is that the effects of the crystals are nullified.

For crystal compatibility, a basic rule of thumb based on logic, is to avoid stone associations that have opposite effects. Thus, if we combine two very different stones, we have to make sure that their vibrations do not cancel each other out. This is to prevent a confusing vibrational signal, which would diminish the effectiveness of the crystals.

An example is Carnelian and Amethyst. Carnelian boosts our energy, while Amethyst calms us down. This means that they will cancel each other out and send a confusing signal.

As a result, we will feel uncomfortable and uneasy because our chakras would be confused about if they would boost our energy or calm us down. It would help trying to think of what we want to achieve. In that way, our crystals will gravitate towards that situation and use it as a supplement. For example, if we are going to write or start a project, Carnelian will boost our creative energy, and if we are upset or angry, Amethyst will calm us down.

My suggestion is to try different combinations, feel the energy of different crystals or stones until you find the perfect combination. What works for me maybe doesn't work for you...each of us is unique.